Busking through

Thursday, 27 April 2017

you·ve already been programmed

"Rules and models destroy genuis and art."
William Hazlett

I´m hardly qualified to comment on issues regarding the current system or media culture. I´m not a political scientist or an academic. I´m just a free thinking street artist who see things from a different angle, in a way I´m on the outside looking in.
Although we may not be living a 1984 scenario. I suspect certain governing authorities base some of their ideas and policy’s along similar lines. They promote the same nightmare, only they soften it up with bland pop culture and other forms of suspect propaganda.
You may not realize it but you, yourself are at this moment being indirectly fed both media culture and suspect propaganda….Television and radio dictate to you. They tell you of how it is and of how it should be. World news is filtered and  biaised, while the football saturated newspapers are conveniently sensationalized. We´re left laboring our lives away, holding tightly on to undervalued material possessions.

Perhaps stepping out is·nt such a far away option.