Busking through

Busking peacocks

Their usually  music  tutors  or  conservatory  students , who  choose
the  street , to  exercise , their  fine performance art . They  make  it  clear to  privileged , passers-by  that  they  are , in-fact  complicated ,
music dot , readers . Be  prepared  for  that  silent look of rejection coming your way If  you  try  to  talk  to  them  or  donate  less  than  a  pound  or  a  euro .You may find yourself within acceptance range if you purchase one of their over-priced CDs..Of course  you  would  only  see  them  performing  at  the better and more  popular pitches such as Museum entrances , city church court-yards  and only the widest and the busiest  traffic cut streets .
An  Obis player may  lay  down  the  major seventh scale  on  top  of  a
harpsichord  rhythm  track . An  elegantly  dressed lady may
delicately  pluck , ´ The nutcracker suite `  from  the  wonderful
sound  of  a  slightly  amplified , frame harp .
It’s  not  the  music  or  the  appearance  that gets me . In-fact some of it  sounds  and  looks  great . It’s  that  pompous  attitude attached , of  which  is  not  always  the  case .
Street  performance  is  an  art-form,it·s  not  a  competition . One  is
different , not  better .
A  peacock busker  considers  himself , more  of  a street, performing musician  rather  than  as  a  busker , of  which is  fine . It’s  when  he  claims  that  he  doesn't  bear , any relation  whatsoever  to the  guitar playing  drifter  pitched  in the nearby  streets , is  what  gets  me .
Nobody  is  asking  one  to  join  a  revolution , not that  many  people
give  a  shit. Remember  one  thing  though, one  is  playing  music  on stone concrete , where  others  may  sleep  later . Busking  is  not a  social  climbing  pastime .
Most  things  in  this  life  have  a  price  and  thankfully  the  street  is  usually  a  free platform , that may  unite  us  a  little maybe .